Network Reliability Engineering Community

Lyon (Europe - France) community meetup around Open Source Summit Europe (Halloween '19)

Matt has announced he’s gonna be presenting NRE Labs ( at the forecoming Open Source Summit Europe in Lyon this fall (

I thought it could be great to have some gathering of interested folks there, to take the opportunity of Matt visiting Europe.

Maybe Lyon wouldn’t be the best place if people are more comfortable with another city and Matt isn’t flying directly to Lyon and back ? I myself is closer to Paris :wink:

I could try and help coordinate a bit and provide french locale for local organization.

I hadn’t planned myself to go to the OpenSource Summit Europe, but I may (academic discount seems possible).

It probably depends on Matt’s traveling schedule.

The summit’s dates are 28-30 october, and Matt’s speech is on 29th.

Please declare your interest with +1’s ?

Also see my other proposal for another Europe/France meetup possibility around december 10th in Paris (France) : Presentation proposal at Paris Open Source Summit in december