Network Reliability Engineering Community

July 9, 2019 Weekly Community Mtg Notes

Attendees: Drew Conry-Murray, Lisa Caywood

Lisa described the Governance and other Legal docs in progress. These have been requested by prospective partners. We should be able to review them as a group in August, though we may not be able to finalize immediately: if the Project is transferred to a third party for the purposes of having a neutral entity gathering and disbursing funds, then things like logo and trademark ownership, legal liability, etc would be transferred to that party as well. A significant portion of Governance and related docs have key sections that pertain exactly to these issues.

Related: Juniper is starting to reach out to open source conservancy entities to explore these options.

Lessons: Derick has Bash lessons nearly complete and would like them to be tested by 1-2 community members before pushing to production. Drew agreed to do this once the lessons are complete, and also produce PacketPushers content related to these lessons.