Network Reliability Engineering Community

July 17, 2019 Weekly Community Standup Notes

Attendees: Tomislav Kranjec, Obergix, Derick Winkworth, Matt Oswalt

Matt updated on governance and design docs progress for first third of meeting, approximately.
Ethan asked some general questions about the planned governance model, specifically around leadership.
Matt mentioned that everything was being built very democratically, so the intention is that leadership is
elected. Also, the work being done is a first-pass draft, so the community will be able to finalize governance
documentation after we fill out the general structure.

We also discussed progress of incorporating other images into the project. This continues to be a priority
interest for PP folks. Matt explained the Endpoint changes to make additional images possible, and Derick
gave a brief update on FRR and Cumulus progress. Ideally, once this is done as a PoC, more can follow.

Obergix shared some interesting links re: building images for VMs in containers, and Matt mentioned this will
be it’s own mini-project in the future with a dedicated design/project doc, the draft of which Matt will publish
ASAP so he can contribute to it.

Action items:

  1. Matt - Follow up with Obergix on the Image mini-project
  2. Derick - finish bash lesson and demo to PP so they can start evangelizing. Also bring Ethan up to speed on lesson creation.