Network Reliability Engineering Community

"Hello, World!"

Greetings, all!

Welcome to the NRELabs forums. We’ve created this site for our growing community to share their experiences using and developing for NRELabs, and the open source project that runs it, Antidote. It’s good to see we have some activity here already, so don’t be shy if you have questions or tips!

My name is Derick Winkworth. I am also known as @cloudtoad on Twitter, and most people now just call me Toad. Even my non-tech friends and family. :slight_smile: I am the developer advocate and court jester for all things NRELabs and Antidote. I am your first point of contact for issues with Self-Medicate, our development environment for folks contributing lessons or fixing bugs.

I’m also the bearer of stickers and shirts, and some time later today I’ll be publishing our first public bounty for lesson contributions. People stepping up to contribute lessons and subsequently write blogs about their contributions will receive an NRELabs lootbox in the mail!

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please message me here or on our Discord server.

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